Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Election Season

Its that time of the year, when politicians start showing up a your doorstep, at their humble best and a picture of concern and sincerity. Yes, you guessed it right, its political tamasha time again. The election bells are tolling. 

While a few states decide the future for a motley bunch of candidates it would be interesting to watch as this could be the precursor to the big one in 2009, and perhaps also answer the question when will elections take place and who will be the next PM.

Globally, this has also been the season of 'Change' (remember Obama). So if we were to apply the same logic then brace yourself to greet Behen Mayawati as the next crown princess. Move over Congress , (who is still smarting over the ill effect of rising prices, although your offical inflation figures say otherwise,  you only have to ask any housewife) and  BJP who seems to be caught in a time warp of its own and knows not which direction it is heading towards. Although it may still be voted in for no doing of its own (deja vu ?)

As citizen of this country can we not ask of our political parties to atleast ensure the following least common denominators in our prime ministerial candidates.

1. Indian
2. Sound Mind
3. Minimum Post Graduate
4. Below the age of  60
5. Physical fitness an important attribute

Most Indian Leaders at the time of Indian Independence shared these atrributes!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to AlokSpeak....

Hello Visitors,

Welcome to AlokSpeak... A place where I shall share my views, thoughts and rumblings. I hope to write as and when time premits and inspiration strikes. I am not a professional writer so do excuses any errors that may occur.
I embark on a journey (of maybe a thousand miles)with this small step....